Why They're Not Moving In...


Why They're Not Moving In...
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  • Ava Frost 2024
    Ava Frost 2024Пре 4 дана

    Blue Christmas

  • Adalyn Popcorn
    Adalyn PopcornПре 5 дана

    the reason chase couldn’t leave LA is because he made a movie and he’s making songs

  • Rihantzia Michel
    Rihantzia MichelПре 5 дана

    Thomas u should play among us in the house pls pls pls pls.

  • ellie grace
    ellie graceПре 8 дана

    Instead of hating on nikita and her mas ( even though its not to suitable) just actually respect that she's wearing some kind of thing on her face-

  • K_BeAr- K
    K_BeAr- KПре 11 дана

    Blue Christmas 🎄

  • jadelyn corrie
    jadelyn corrieПре 16 дана

    Blue cristmas

  • aaliyah Anna Escobedo
    aaliyah Anna EscobedoПре 17 дана

    Blue Christmas

  • gabby_idiot
    gabby_idiotПре 18 дана


  • Elanur C
    Elanur CПре 19 дана


  • Elanur C
    Elanur CПре 19 дана


  • Mia Ferreira
    Mia FerreiraПре 22 дана

    Blue Christmas

  • Lucy Hannula
    Lucy HannulaПре 22 дана

    The reason he could move it because of 21st century vampire

  • emma vavu
    emma vavuПре 23 дана

    i sear its gonna be march that chase is working on

  • Hannah Busald
    Hannah BusaldПре 24 дана

    It’s not the hype house without Ryland Nick and Chase

  • Iris Medalle
    Iris MedalleПре 24 дана

    a song guys

  • Viviana Newlin
    Viviana NewlinПре 27 дана

    Blue Christmas

  • Favnixky X
    Favnixky XПре 28 дана

    ok im gonna move in with rykand and chase and nick cause i live in nicks dresser wait thats why he never goes in it anymore

  • Maci McKernan
    Maci McKernanПре месец

    is it just me or do i think chase is building a new house like another hype house

  • Michelle George
    Michelle GeorgeПре месец

    Is it just me or Michael is cute

  • Kat183 Among us
    Kat183 Among usПре месец

    Red Christmas 😏

  • Haniya Passand
    Haniya PassandПре месец

    Blue Christmas...ur welcome

  • NovaStar
    NovaStarПре месец

    ok nikita wtf is that mask like what why just why

  • Josie Walia
    Josie WaliaПре месец

    is it just me or have the notifications for thomas’s channel haven’t been working-

  • Roblox girl
    Roblox girlПре месец

    Its gonna be so different with out them nooooooo but i still cant wait in till he gets a house 😭

  • Nela Levačić
    Nela LevačićПре месец

    Does anyone think that this project was downfalls high and 21. century vamire?

  • Noah Draper
    Noah DraperПре месец

    Y do they act exactly like me and my friends

  • Kerry McWilliams
    Kerry McWilliamsПре месец


  • janine winters
    janine wintersПре месец

    ive seen this but why did they move and he didnt explain why nick and ryland are moving

  • Aaron Wilkinson
    Aaron WilkinsonПре месец


  • Hunter Pula
    Hunter PulaПре месец

    Can you do a house tour

  • that1girl.
    that1girl.Пре месец


  • Arne Norheim
    Arne NorheimПре месец

    Blue christmas

  • Emma Diachenko
    Emma DiachenkoПре месец

    That’s the mask my buss driver wears for school lol

  • Naima Hersi
    Naima HersiПре месец

    Blue christmas

  • Jocelyn Urtiz
    Jocelyn UrtizПре месец

    Blue Christmas

  • Draco Malfoy-Love
    Draco Malfoy-LoveПре месец

    All the comments are about nick ryland and chase being funny together have you seen Micheal and Calvin together

  • Brooke Tanner
    Brooke TannerПре месец

    the reason chase prolly had to stay in LA was because of downfall high. by MGK

  • Tala Samer
    Tala SamerПре месец

    No one: Still no one: Not even a single soul: Thomas saying good morning when it’s night 💀

  • Ailana Rodriguez
    Ailana RodriguezПре месец

    Blue Christmas

  • Emma Cardoza
    Emma CardozaПре месец

    blue charismas

  • Mike Krzywicki
    Mike KrzywickiПре месец

    What’s the new house called

  • Dakota Hossler
    Dakota HosslerПре месец

    Blue Christmas! I love the new house btw

  • Beatriz Sousa
    Beatriz SousaПре месец

    Nickita has to wear a fucking mask when will she understand that that thing shes wearing doesnt protect her AT ALL

  • Jesca Koedam
    Jesca KoedamПре месец

    but where is angel?

  • DancerGymnast202 Backhandspring202
    DancerGymnast202 Backhandspring202Пре месец

    Blue Christmas

  • Potato Girl
    Potato GirlПре месец

    But is he going to to move houses after he’s project

  • Savage_kenz.11 Boerner_baby.11
    Savage_kenz.11 Boerner_baby.11Пре месец

    "Blue Christmas."

  • Cass
    CassПре месец

    The only house that’s still going well is the sway house .... sorry guys it’s my opinion

  • Kalani Khim
    Kalani KhimПре месец

    📀 blue Christmas📀

  • Menace Empire
    Menace EmpireПре месец

    Blue Christmas

  • Nigela Forbes
    Nigela ForbesПре месец

    blue christmas

  • Arianna Lewis
    Arianna LewisПре месец

    Blue Christmas

  • Alexis Snyder
    Alexis SnyderПре месец

    Chase isn't moving in because he is making a movie with jaden Hossler and MGK

  • Matthew Richards
    Matthew RichardsПре месец


  • Samiyah Ali
    Samiyah AliПре месец

    Blue💙 Christmas🎄

  • AZ 360
    AZ 360Пре месец

    blue christmas

  • pigevie
    pigevieПре месец


  • Addison Collins
    Addison CollinsПре месец

    Nah it’s just the house now because Nick chase and ryland are gone 😭✋🏻

  • Savannah Fusaro
    Savannah FusaroПре месец

    Is it bad I’m stalking your vids and not doing math

  • girlwhodraws
    girlwhodrawsПре месец

    i miss the old hype house

    LESLIE LARSONПре месец

    i love Michel he is my favorite in the vlogs i love him so much

  • Dayana Lara
    Dayana LaraПре месец

    So chase nick and ryland are the hype house but part 2

  • levina
    levinaПре месец

    thomas: "nikita, dont crash" nikita: " i wanna hit the child" 😭

  • playing roblox
    playing robloxПре месец

    its merch that chasd is making i think

  • Fidel Flores
    Fidel FloresПре месец

    Nicki gurl there is no point in wearing a mask.....no more.............

  • Chantelle Oneill
    Chantelle OneillПре месец

    blue christmas

  • Angie P
    Angie PПре месец

    blue christmas

  • purple heart
    purple heartПре месец

    First day:90 people 6 monts later 4 people

  • Maddox Ghisolfi
    Maddox GhisolfiПре месец

    Can’t wait for the movie 😭

  • Mara Oprea
    Mara OpreaПре месец

    Blue christmas 💙

  • Erika Silva
    Erika SilvaПре месец

    Blue Christmas

  • Im a Chicken nugget
    Im a Chicken nuggetПре месец

    Nikitas mask is bullshit 😂😂😂

  • Jazmine Hernandez
    Jazmine HernandezПре месец


  • Aggelos Mantikos
    Aggelos MantikosПре месец

    Have they done a video why Addison did not stay in the house with them?? In the second house

  • Melissa White
    Melissa WhiteПре месец

    Blue Christmas

  • Jada
    JadaПре месец

    Blue Christmas

  • Hana Korac
    Hana KoracПре месец

    Blue Christmas

  • Natalyn Tarr
    Natalyn TarrПре месец

    He makes it sound like chase is going to jail or somethin

  • lil.bo.peep. 1111
    lil.bo.peep. 1111Пре месец

    wait..where is the other house if it isn’t in la?

  • Lizzie Case
    Lizzie CaseПре месец

    Blue Christmas

  • Gabi Dz
    Gabi DzПре месец

    i think chase is making music

  • Raegan Ward
    Raegan WardПре месец

    Anyone else feel like hype house just isn't really it anymore. Like it's good it's just not as iconic.

  • Rozy W
    Rozy WПре месец

    Nick and Roland AND CHASE there’s no hype house no more

  • Anuska Kruska
    Anuska KruskaПре месец

    blue christmas

  • Vanessa Morgan
    Vanessa MorganПре месец

    Why i am crying

  • Multi_ Cookies
    Multi_ CookiesПре месец

    Why Nick ryland and chase aren’t in the hype house ☹️

  • Shani Mwende
    Shani MwendeПре месец

    New house looks good NGL

  • Amahlee Brown
    Amahlee BrownПре месец

    blue christmas

  • Jason Cinco
    Jason CincoПре месец

    can someone tell me if vinnie is moving in and a time stamp? cuz the drama in tiktok is just...i-

  • Z.swervo
    Z.swervoПре месец

    Blue Christmas

  • Mackenzie Ginn
    Mackenzie GinnПре месец

    is vinnie joining? cause suddenly hes moving out where he is now and now u guys are getting new members so like wth is going on???

  • Madeline Avalos
    Madeline AvalosПре месец

    My tamales are cooking 😂😂😂

  • Caitlyn07 x
    Caitlyn07 xПре месец

    Chase is working on a film if u didn’t know..

  • Danielle Lewis
    Danielle LewisПре месец

    Can i be the first 12 yrs old in the hype house please

  • Asia_ricks
    Asia_ricksПре месец

    If chase needed to stay in la for business reasons why is he in the Bahamas y’all lie bad

  • Lauryn Behan
    Lauryn BehanПре месец

    Plz do a house tour

  • Harley Hope
    Harley HopeПре месец

    It true it is not the hype house without ryland nick and chase but I'm so excited to see them post together on RStree and tiktok...

  • Emanuel Dehaney
    Emanuel DehaneyПре месец

    Blue Christmas

  • Alex Cordova
    Alex CordovaПре месец

    All of you guys act like siblings

  • Gabriella Louissaint
    Gabriella LouissaintПре месец

    idk what do they are not living in the new hype house I was legit pacing around my room lol