Thomas Petrou

Thomas Petrou

My name is Thomas Petrou and I daily vlogged for 3 years of my life. It was an amazing experience that led me to create The Hype House with my closest friends. Here's my life now.

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I Became A Dad...

I Became A Dad...

it got cancelled...

it got cancelled...

It's Over...

It's Over...

Confronting Bryce About This...

Confronting Bryce About This...

Vinnie Abandoned Us...

Vinnie Abandoned Us...

Mia Said Yes!

Mia Said Yes!

Saying Yes To Mia For 24 Hours!

Saying Yes To Mia For 24 Hours!

Nick Came Back...

Nick Came Back...

He Moved Out...

He Moved Out...

You're Welcome...

You're Welcome...


  • Litzy Fernandez-Castro
    Litzy Fernandez-CastroПре 5 сати

    Thick Thomas

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    Jaidyn ArmstrongПре 6 сати

    gummy soda

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    Holly PageПре 6 сати

    I love chase

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    Hey ....

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    Alysien JosslerПре 11 сати

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  • Ghetto Productions
    Ghetto ProductionsПре 13 сати

    They took some shows off for this 🗿 I’m only watching it just larray

  • Angel Jermeto
    Angel JermetoПре 13 сати

    Gummy soda

  • Noah Banuelos
    Noah BanuelosПре 13 сати

    hi Thomas i know people or you are gunna think i'm not knew but i really am that's why i'm so late on this

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    kiyah menzelПре 15 сати

    gummy soda :)

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    kiyah menzelПре 16 сати

    sushi llama :)

    HALIEY BURGESSПре 16 сати

    I have a question how do you get to be a members of the hype house because I love dance so so much and I love the hype house you guys are so funny and great at what you do so that was my question how do you get invited in the hype house well, bye what a goodnight 💤

  • gamerbabey4real _
    gamerbabey4real _Пре 17 сати

    This makes kuwtk show is the most all time favorite show

  • Sahara Riley
    Sahara RileyПре 19 сати

    Lima bean

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    Sahara RileyПре 19 сати

    Fluffy gummy

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    A KПре 20 сати

    That’s so gross lol Netflix stock tanked

  • erin whitton
    erin whittonПре 20 сати

    🍏 Green apple Te he

  • Kamryn Burns
    Kamryn BurnsПре 20 сати

    4:02 Oop I see addisons car not covered In braddison😮😂

  • Sophia DeLuna
    Sophia DeLunaПре 20 сати

    Green pineapples

  • Lesley Rivera
    Lesley RiveraПре 21 сат

    They should react to k pop

  • mofiz uddin
    mofiz uddinПре 21 сат

    Is it just me or is high Calvin everything i need in my life

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    Mary CárdenasПре 23 сата

    Tomas in every thumbnail:😲🖐

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    Brezzy ZayПре 23 сата

    E boys never get cold LMAO

  • Bristol Cowgill
    Bristol CowgillПре дан

    Anyone just love how Vinnie is always eating something I think it is so funny

  • Brezzy Zay
    Brezzy ZayПре дан

    The best crew Tony-Chase-Tomous-Ondreaz

  • Brezzy Zay
    Brezzy ZayПре дан

    Chase: I was good at cheating Charlie: 😭

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    Giulia IonescuПре дан

    Nailea casually napping on the floor 💀🤍

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    Evvv ElynПре дан

    TikTok community : OMG SO EXICTED YT community:

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    Time to switch to Hulu 💕🥺

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  • Sky
    SkyПре дан

    love the videos

  • Sky
    SkyПре дан

    love these vids

  • Sky
    SkyПре дан

    love ur vids

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    Alexis PerezПре дан

    Green pineapples

  • Jane Clark
    Jane ClarkПре дан

    Markel is literally the most funny person

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    xcuti3x UwUПре дан

    Fluffy pillows

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    xcuti3x UwUПре дан

    Left foot....

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  • Michelle steinbring
    Michelle steinbringПре дан

    Do no t Vape kids

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    Elenor NoonanПре дан

    The intro and Michael’s fit 😭😤

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    Julia L.BПре дан

    Yall literally canceled Anne with a fricking E for this stupid show? Wth is wrong w yall 😭

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    Jess SalmonПре дан

    Paper just makes it so entertaining

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    Jess SalmonПре дан

    2:21 is so entertaining

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    Eiffel TaniawanПре дан

    netflix bestie you high?

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    Ayesha MakikПре дан

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    Ayesha MakikПре дан

    Sleepy timmy

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    PG Lily RoblaxПре дан

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    Maryam NarsiПре дан

    i low key ship Vinnie with *Jazlyn Robisnon* lol

  • Pieck Finger
    Pieck FingerПре дан

    Might as well watch Girl From Nowhere 😭😭😭


    is it possible to be one cuz i am dying to hear ur response!😁


    can an 11 year old join the hype club cuz i am and how do i become member if i'm from another country

  • MeyLiang Cheat
    MeyLiang CheatПре дан

    bruh is no one gon talk bout the fucking pizza’s boxes???

  • Sofia Giraldo
    Sofia GiraldoПре дан

    I hope it doesnt come out so many shows had to be cancerled what are we are we going to watch them making tiktok and how they make money and shit they only person i will watch is larry

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    Robert DowneyПре дан

    From a million views in a day to 233k views in 2 days???? Bruh ur done

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    Katie poo PorterПре дан

    Happy birthday Tomas!!!! !!

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    0:36 I’ve never seen the day James acting responsible

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    ive always watched alexs videos but now i started watching and i subscribed love this.

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    Jordan MacklinПре дан

    the hype house being on Netflix is going to be so awesome

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    This has to be the only Netflix show that I want to be canceled.