Thomas Petrou

Thomas Petrou

My name is Thomas Petrou and I daily vlogged for 3 years of my life. It was an amazing experience that led me to create The Hype House with my closest friends. Here's my life now.

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Vinnie Left...

Vinnie Left...

I Became A Dad...

I Became A Dad...

it got cancelled...

it got cancelled...

Nikita and I got in a fight...

Nikita and I got in a fight...

It's Over...

It's Over...

Confronting Bryce About This...

Confronting Bryce About This...

Vinnie Abandoned Us...

Vinnie Abandoned Us...

Mia Said Yes!

Mia Said Yes!

Saying Yes To Mia For 24 Hours!

Saying Yes To Mia For 24 Hours!

Nick Came Back...

Nick Came Back...


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    No one: Absolutely no one: Mia:I look like dora

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    iva ive tillman brown hoesingПре дан


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    So how was your day Charli

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    abby ackahПре 2 дана

    2:35 Storytime. so I was hanging with my friend group and we saw a spider go into a hole in the bottom of the door that leads to our gym. One of my friends, Andre kept sneaking up on me and tickling my neck and I kept hitting him and I was about to rock his shit. Then Kaitlyn decides to do the same thing and I kept hitting them and being an extra little bitch like nick. then all of my friends started doing it to me. Andre, Kaitlyn, and Asia were all doing it to me. Then one day when I was walking down from my school to my dad's car, Andre came up to me and tickled my neck again and I literally was about to beat the shit out of him. ok that's my story, thank you for listening.

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